Thursday, July 25, 2013

Izaak's Story: Baby Steps

If you have read our previous blog...and a few tweets in between, I'm excited to tell you that our son is HEALTHY!! If you're a new to our blog, here's a little back story....
At the end of March, I became concerned that my son was able to wear clothing intended for a 3 month old while nearing his 10th month. A close friend of mine suggested that we begin feeding him formula to "fatten" him up. After not seeing any changes, we took our son to the pediatrician. Within days, our son was admitted into into Children's Hospital. In a nutshell...our son stopped growing. All sorts of test were performed and nothing could explain his lack of growth. He has puzzled so many doctors and specialist; however check-up after check-up, test continue to come back negative and our son is well on his way to "Toddlerhood".
As of June 8th (his Daddy's birthday), our son now crawls, has 3 teeth coming in, started using a sippy cup on a whim, and has learned to use (baby) sign language. Watching him improve day by day has filled my heart with warm fuzzies! At times, I have worried that he's falling behind his peers. I've watched friend's post about their babies walking and saying a list of words a mile long....but I know he's just our little man on his own journey to greatness. He WILL grow in his own time and as long as he's healthy....I'm o.k. with that!

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  1. Wow, so happy that Izaak is a happy thriving boy. I know how the worry wears on us mommies.